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Top 10 Modern Summer Songs

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The One Where I Was Depressed

The One Where I Was Depressed

The world can be quite depressing these days if you choose to look at all the poop going on. There is ISIS/IL, there is BH, AL-Shabaab, The Ukraine Crisis, The one in Syria, Libya, The ebola outbreak, HIV is still there trying to make folk guilty for not using rubbers since the 80s and of course when it comes to the personal life there will always be issues that can gang up to make you feel like…

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The Konji Principle

First of all to understand what the Konji principle is you have to understand what Konji is. Konji (sp?) is a Nigerian slang that basically describes a drought of sexual satisfaction. In other words, your pistol is loaded., your jibby hasn’t been serviced, your black snake hasn’t moaned, your valve is under pressure etc. Take your pick of a suitable euphemism. You have? Okay insert it…

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Wake up - Flavour ft Wande Coal. What do you get when Flavour meets Wande Coal? You would think awesomeness but this song/video is aight I guess. 

Top 10 Global Beers via watchmojo.com just because…Although I dont see Star there sha

Protectors of Nigerian Posterity Advert or Campaign Ad. I wonder who these people are? Are they the product of the Nigerian President’s hiring of a PR group. I wonder who these proaganda agents are. It’s an insult to compare Goodluck to Mandela and Co. “Mr President keep doing it!”

The Universal Crazy/Hot Matrix. Funny stuff

Why are Nigerians Angry? The Incredible Hulk Conundrum

Why are Nigerians Angry? The Incredible Hulk Conundrum

The other day a family friend of mine mistakenly struck down a commercial motorcycle rider (Okada in common parlance) and the young man died. Now the family friend in question stopped his car and came down to help, however this did not seem to matter as a crowd of angry people had gathered and proceeded to beat the living daylights out of the driver despite the fact that he kept pleading that it…

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Oluwa is Involved/Na God? Cool Story!

Oluwa is Involved/Na God? Cool Story!

So you have been praying and fasting for 40 days and 40 nights for God to bless you like Mr XYZ, he seems to have it all. He owns his own company, he spends his weekends in exotic countries (Not just US and UK like the other plebs), he owns his own private jet of course, has the president on his speed dial, is surrounded by beautiful women, owns property in several choice areas, uses helicopters…

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