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Corporations Celebrate New Scramble for Africa. Group of Activists Visit DFID and offer them a slice of a cake shaped like Africa. Lol

Here’s The Thing: Death, Terrorism and Nigeria

Here’s The Thing: Death, Terrorism and Nigeria

May the souls of all those lost to terrorism in this country rest in peace and may the perpetrators of these acts face justice in this world and the world after (should it exist). As sad as the deaths in Abuja yesterday were and how close to home they came to many of us (Most Nigerians have at least one relation or acquaintance who stays in Abuja unlike Borno for instance, people can go their…

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Farouk’s Guide To an Alcoholic Night/Hangover-Free Morning

Farouk’s Guide To an Alcoholic Night/Hangover-Free Morning

So its Friday and I know some of my readers are looking forward to a legendary night, have some drinks after work, party, hook up and the like. I am an advocate of fun but I am also an advocate of responsible fun (sue me!). It is with this in mind that I have come up with this guide to a night full of unhealthy yet delicious liquor, wine, beer (whatever is your alcoholic poison). This is a good…

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Trailer for Movie “Lucy”, looks very interesting in an action and sort of sci-fi kind of way. Imagine what happens when we use 100% of our brains…

Video for Black is Beautiful by Flavour N’abania. Loved this song when it came out. One of my fave off the album. Clearly a flavour fan.

Wizkid does a cover of Joy/No Woman No Cry by Bob Marley for BBC 1xtra. Not bad at all. 

Orson & Olivia! Who watched this cartoon when they were kids. I randomly just remembered this cartoon.

Dunno what is up with this agbran-la like video by Terry G for Run Mad. Oh well.